Welcome to RMY Insurance

Hello, my name is Ryan Young, and we at RMY Insurance want to earn your life insurance and disability insurance business!

We’ve been offering our clients insurance coverage since 1997 and can take care of your life and disability insurance needs!

We offer full service life and disability insurance services, but the difference lies in how we interact with our clients. For 100 years, insurance has been “sold, not bought” via high-pressure salesmen who call you unsolicited or knock on your door. Don’t get us wrong, we fully believe in the necessity of the insurance products we offer our clients – we just know no one likes to be pressured or to be “sold.”

At RMY Insurance, We Don’t Sell Our Clients Insurance, Our Clients “BUY Insurance!”

We understand you’re busy, but we also understand that life and disability insurance is “serious business” and everyone needs the appropriate life and disability insurance policies to protect their families, their income, their assets, and their estates.

So working with RMY Insurance is easy as can be. When you come to us, you can get things started by filling out a quick information form, which gives us just enough information to get a quote to you via phone call or email. Or, we can begin the process with you giving us a simple phone call (the old fashioned way). Either process is quick and efficient and we’ll get you going!

RMY Insurance has a team of experts that can take care of your insurance needs from the quick and easy term, universal, index universal, and long-term disability policies, all the way to policies that help you 1) insure your retirement account contributions, 2) beat the death tax, and 3) offer group life and disability insurance to your employees as a benefit if you’re a business owner. We also have the expertise to design elaborate plans in corporate retirement, estate planning if you’ve accumulated a significant amount of assets over your lifetime and would like to ensure an seamless transition to your designated heirs, and we can even arrange to finance your premiums for policies in extraordinary situations!

Unlike traditional insurance salespeople, RMY Insurance realizes that we all like to make decisions on our own time. Now don’t get us wrong, buying any kind of life or disability insurance is extremely time sensitive because the costs of your insurance policy is only going higher the longer you wait (the best time to buy your policy is right now), we respect that you need to have an adequate amount of time to come to a decision.

We don’t want to “sell” you insurance because we think you ought to; we want you to “buy” insurance because you know you need it.